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⚑ Yellow Dog Village

Not far from our home near Saxonburg in Western PA is the enclave known as Yellow Dog Village.  Built as housing for the nearby limestone mine, residents had to agree to not strike, for which they were known as yellow dogs.  The residents embraced this and called their village Yellow Dog Village. Over time, it was formalized as Shadyside Village and was eventually abandoned in 2009 because of drinking water problems.  You can learn more about them on Uncovering PA’s website

As a newly licensed drone pilot, I was excited to start exploring the new perspective that my drone could give me.  You’ll be seeing more of these in the future for sure!

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  1. Stu, these photographs are wonderful. Glad I stumbled upon your web page. These photos make me think of when one of my aunts came to this country, early 20th cen., and lived in company housing in PA because her husband worked in the steel factory, I think. May have been coal, not sure, but I remember her talking about company housing. Probably looks like this today.

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