art of photography
Welcome to the Art of Travel. As with any work of art, it is never finished! We are exploring new and different templates, so please enjoy each visit here knowing that it will very likely be different each time until we settle on the look we love!

  • Concrete City
    If you’ve taken I80 then I81 to the northeast from Pittsburgh, you’ve passed within a few miles of Concrete City, a photographer’s delight. Built in 1911 as a planned city for the managers of the nearby colliery, it was built from prefabricated concrete, a revolutionary concept at the time.  There were twenty identical duplex units […]

“Journeys are the midwives of thought.”

Alain de Botton “The Art of Travel”

“The art of travel … is a way of life”

Conner Layne “The Art of Travel”

“The art of TRAVEL is to return wiser than when you left. The ART of travel is what you bring back to share.”

Stu Chandler