The Art of Travel - Photography From Around The World

I’ve traveled the world with a camera seeking out the beautiful and working to capture what is interesting, meaningful, beautiful.  No matter the result, it’s always about the journey.

A Portfolio

  • ⚑ America’s Stonehenge
    In southern New Hampshire there stands a collection of stone megaliths on a hill. In England or Ireland, they would be considered a normal part of the landscape, as there a strikingly similar structures throughout the country. Here in New England, however, thousands of miles from where they should be, they have been the source… Read more: ⚑ America’s Stonehenge
  • ⚑ Total Eclipse of the Sun
    Three engineers and a compliance manager headed to Ohio to experience totality. Despite over 200 collective years on the planet, this was a first for all of us. We managed to avoid both clouds and traffic by taking back roads into a quiet town and monitoring the cloud cover with Accuweather. We weren’t disappointed.
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