The Art of Travel - Fine Art & Travel Photography

I’ve traveled the world with my camera and the eye of a photographer.  My travel and fine art prints can be see at the shows and exhibits on the events calendar.  Please consider subscribing to my news feed to see where I’ll be, and what I’m up to. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!


  • ⚑ Yellow Dog Village
    Not far from our home near Saxonburg in Western PA is the enclave known as Yellow Dog Village.  Built as housing for the nearby limestone mine, residents had to agree to not strike, for which they were known as yellow dogs.  The residents embraced this and called their village Yellow Dog Village. Over time, it … Read more
  • ⚑ Concrete City
    If you’ve taken I80 then I81 to the northeast from Pittsburgh, you’ve passed within a few miles of Concrete City, a photographer’s delight. Built in 1911 as a planned city for the managers of the nearby colliery, it was built from prefabricated concrete, a revolutionary concept at the time.  There were twenty identical duplex units … Read more

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