The Art of Travel - Photography From Around The World

ART and INSPIRATION INTERNATIONAL is a non-profit organization founded by William Rock for the purpose of promoting the arts, cross-cultural collaboration, and creative expression. 

I was fortunate to be the house photographer (when I wasn’t wandering around somewhere else on the planet).

The Art and Inspiration International executive board is developing plans and ideas for the 2024 season, so  please enjoy these past events, while anticipating the seasons yet to come! 

"PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPEDITION TO PARIS" Scott Davidson shared his wonderful images from a journey to Paris, based on his expertise in Infrared photography. While he was working with the light, your photographer was struggling with the fact that since we turned the lights out, there was NO light... As you can see, a great time was had by all viewing this wonderful body of work. (Sony ⍺6300)


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