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⚑ America’s Stonehenge

In southern New Hampshire there stands a collection of stone megaliths on a hill. In England or Ireland, they would be considered a normal part of the landscape, as there a strikingly similar structures throughout the country. Here in New England, however, thousands of miles from where they should be, they have been the source of intense study and speculation.

My mother, an archaeologist, was very involved with the research efforts in the early 1960’s and our family was close to the owner, Robert Stone, and his family. We spent many happy hours at the site, and meeting the many scholars who were part of the research. On a recent trip to New Hampshire I realized that it had been nearly fifty years since I’d last visited. I pulled up to the visitor’s lodge, asked if the Stone family was still involved and discovered that I was talking with Dennis Stone, who was my age. We had an amazing time catching up, and Dennis sent me up to the site to make photographs in both visible and infrared light.

Research is still ongoing and will be for many years because this is such a unique place. Geochronological dating has made it clear that this was built well before the documented arrival of Europeans in the 1600’s. In addition, astroarchaeological investigation has discovered that, like the Stonehenge on Salisbury plain, the site is a functioning astronomical calendar.

To learn more, or plan a visit, you can find them at this link:

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