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If you are interested in fine art prints, please contact me directly via email or text. I’m in the process of developing an online shop so you will soon be able to order directly through this website. Alas, that day has not yet arrived!

If you have purchased a Fine Art print from me and wondered what that means, then please read on!

Fine Art Prints

What is a fine art print? There are almost as many answers as there are fine art photographers! So what does it mean to me?

  • The print is one of my favorite images, that I feel would grace any wall.
  • Production of the print meets certain technical criteria:
    • Paper is cotton based, or lignin free wood.
    • Paper and matting components are acid free
    • Paper is heavy weight from 200-300 gsm.
    • Printed with pigment ink
    • Coated with photographic grade varnish to protect against fingerprints and ultraviolet light


I make my own prints in order to ensure that what comes out of the printer is exactly what I intended. Typically I will print an image several times before I’m satisfied. Printing is done in my studio on a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 with pigment ink. Combined with fine art papers I create an archival print that will last for decades.

Fine art papers are selected according to the needs of the image. I use paper exclusively from the fine art lines of Canon and Moab.

The prints are finished with four coats of MOAB Desert Varnish designed for fine art photographic prints. This is used by museums and galleries to preserve prints from fingerprints and ultraviolet light. This means that you can frame them without glazing, for a more intimate experience, just as you would with a fine art painting.


Frames and mats come in many sizes, but several stand out as universally available. These standard sizes that I supply are detailed in the table below. These sizes have been chosen because it easy for you to find matting and framing for these standard sizes. If you are interested in custom sizes, I can provide prints up to 17″ x 22″.

The table below provides the Mat/Frame size as a reference – it’s the size of frame or mat that the print is destined for. Image size is the size of the image printed on the paper. It’s 0.5″ smaller than the opening in the mat so you will not lose any of the image due to being cropped by the mat.

11×14 8×107×9$25
Price includes shipping within the United States.


Prints can be ordered directly from the sizing table by contacting me directly for now. Pricing includes shipping within the United States. Shipping is either flat (protected by cardboard) or in a cardboard tube, depending upon the size.

If you discover my work through one of the galleries that support me, or their social media postings, please let me know so they can be rewarded for their work. 

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